Update: new vampire game

Hi Everyone,

Ted, Robert, Bob, David and I will be running Revelations: Shadow of the Cross, a Vampire game starting in February. We've gotten a lot of questions, so I am posting here with some answers. More answers will be forthcoming.

First, currently scheduled we have:

January 31st - One Shot Play Test of New Rule System
February 7 - Smoke Filled Room Session
February 21 - Game Start

Second, we have a Yahoo Groups created to disseminate information. It explains, for example, what a "Smoke Filled Room Session" is. You can get to the Groups through here: Revelations LARP.

Third, the rules will be out soonish. The system was created by Ted and David with input from the other GM's. It's extremely similar to White Wolf, but different.

Finally, if you have questions about the LARP, etc., please post them to the Yahoo Groups. You can contact GM's individually, but we'd like to share our responses so we don't have to repeat ourselves, so please, unless it is personal private character stuff, hit the groups with it.

(no subject)

Despite the conditions, there will be game today. With only one session after this one, things are coming to a head, and it'll be lots of fun. We know a lot of you are out of town, but if you're not, why not come by?

Following game, come to the welcome-back-however-briefly party for James and Allison!

Stay Dry, and Come Here Directly!

If you get this message, feel free to come directly to my house for game. If you need directions, call (650) 625-9049. GMs will still be meeting people who didn't get the word at the CPA in Mt. View, but people will be here to let you in.

See you soon...

The Wendigo Stalks Mountain View Eating Frozen Hearts

You Did It will be happening tomorrow, but not in the rain.

We'll be meeting at the usual location and having annoucnements there, just to make sure we don't miss and stragglers. We'll then relocate to a much warmer place (Robert and Bob's house). If you get there late and can't find us, call one of the other players and we'll be there.

Warm is good. I'll even try to bring hot chocolate. It'll still be LARPy, though. And horrific. You'll take no comfort from the hot chocolate. It'll be fun. So come to the CPA tomorrow at 4.

Off Topic

A friend of mine is shooting a film (I don't have much more detail than that, but knowing him, it's low budget and independent, but not just a student project) and needs extras for a scene in a restaurant. Shooting would be this coming Monday night the 18th at the Spaghetti Factory in San Jose, starting at 10pm. The scene is an "after hours business casual type of place, nothing overly fancy, just fun, generic hipster kind of place."

If you're interested in being on film, let me know as soon as you can. He needs 15 people. I've never done extra work, but it sounds sorta fun.


To the Stores

With Halloween yesterday, all the cool costuming bits and makeup are now on sale. Near me are Spirits stores that open for Halloween only and they are now selling everything at 50% off.

Aplogies to my customers

I know that I have at least a couple of people interested in purchasing a few rings from me. However, after the lovely giant near the Pantheon, I am a little bit hesitant to go out into public again until I have crafted something that will take care of such a problem again. I am hard at work on it and hope to have it completed soon. Then, I will be more than happy to start up my business again.

Tim the Talisman.

FYI on the Parthenon

Just an FYI. From the 5th through the 9th of October, the Parthenon was closed due to 'earthquake damage', the insurance inspectors needing to get their information and local building inspectors to figure out if the rest of the unharmed building was still sound. Once that is over, the Parthenon is open for limited business while reconstruction of the back room and the storeroom are occurring.

Also, Holly will be trying to get a hold of Molly in a most enthusiastic manner. If Molly's player would please email me at, I would be most appreciative.
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